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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> brian: well, in case you had any question, it is definitely december in the big city. the cold air has finally arrived. >> tia: yes. we loved the warm stuff while lasted though. right? today some people are even seeing some snow. sam, say it isn't so. >> samantha: it's like as soon as we flipped the calendar over to december it got cold. we had one of the warmest novembers on record and here we are now. let's look at what's going on out there. some of you are seeing a little snow. it's very, very light and really no accumulation with this. this is lake-effect out in the snowbelt. lake, geauga and ashtabula
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have a little bit of light snow. some drizzle mixing with snow in ashtabula and lake counties and i do expect this to continue into the afternoon where we have this kind of hit-or-miss wintry mix. not everyone is seeing it. we'll have cloudy skies. i do think that some of this wintry mix could slip a little bit farther to the west. we could see it in cleveland but no major impacts with this or anything like that. it's going to be minor stuff. low 40s through about 4:00. feeling like the 30s, out there and it will continue to be chilly all through the evening. mid 30s at 10:00. so, if you are coming downtown tonight, maybe going to see a christmas story, right, at playhouse square, you will want to bundle up. but what about the weekend? i'll have your weekend forecast coming up at about 19 after. back to you. >> brian: all right, sam. thank you so much. a louisiana man now released from police custody after admitting to shooting and
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he was shot last night in an apparent road rage shooting. >> reporter: despite this urgent attempt to save his life, former nfl player joe mcknight died in the middle of a road in jefferson parish, louisiana. investigators say 54-year-old ronald gasser admitted he shot mcknight thursday afternoon. he was questioned and released from the sheriff's custody overnight. charges are pending further investigation. >> the shooter in this case who stayn relinquished his weapon to our officers. >> witnesses told deputies they saw gasser arguing in intersection with a 28-year-old athlete. >> there were statements being made that i told you not to mess with me. >> lance harris was inside a nearby car. >> from an argument, you heard gunfire. you heard three shots. >> suspect was just standing there with the gun until the police came and asked him to put the gun down.
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hurricane katrina, he moved in with his high school coach. >> he had a great personality. always a smile. little bit of a jokester. >> in 2006, mcknight earned a football scholarship to u.s.c. he was considered the best high school running back in the country. >> there goes mcknight down the side line. >> he went on to spend three seasons with the new york jets and in 2014, he suited up for the kansas city chiefs. mcknight played in the canadian was hoping to rejoin the nfl. he leaves behind a young son. sheriff investigators say mcknight did not have a weapon. >> brian: mcknight is the second nfl player to die this year in a road-rage incident in the new orleans area. former ohio state buckeye will smith was shot after a minor traffic incident. his alleged shooter plead not guilty.
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enforcement continue to search for this man, david calhoun jr. he's suspected in the double murder of lashawn sanders and sierra marsh. was last seen running from the scene in a camouflage jacket and black pants. police consider him armed and extremely dangerous. a man accused of shooting a lakewood teen is being held on a $100,000 bond. johnson plead not guilty to an assault charge. a local muslim group is asking for it to be hate crime because the 16-year-old said the man called him a terrorist and accused him of being part of the taliban before the teen was shot. >> brian: the somali born student in president attack at o.s.u. has been buried in a columbus cemetery. dozens of people attended his funeral at a columbus mosque. >> tia: well president-elect donald trump says he was, or will officially announce his choice to be the next defense secretary on monday. but he couldn't resist letting
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thursday. marley hall has the story. >> don't let to the outside of this room, promise? >> he leaked a secret during a rally in cincinnati thursday night. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> reporter: james mattis, the 66-year-old retired marine corps military and led expeditionary forces in iraq and afghanistan. mattis who retired in 2013 will need a waiver from congress to take up the role. federal law says the pentagon chief must be out of uniform for seven years. president-elect trump still has yet to make a choice on who will be secretary of state. he's been interviewing candidates here at trump tower. sources say there are four top contenders for the position,
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rudy giuliani, former general david petreas, senator bob corker of tennessee and former presidential nominee mitt romney. general mattis has told president-elect trump he prefers to work with petreas. >> we all know who makes the ultimate decision and it's donald trump. but it does matter to take the counsel of those he trusts to be in the cabinet. >> reporter: general petreas interviewed on >> tia: general petreas resigned as c.i.a. director. he's serving a sentence of two years propose because. a cuyahoga falls man is under arrest accused of stealing from a woman with developmental disabilities. larry hodkins is accused of taking money out of the woman's bank account for his own personal use for more than four years. investigators estimate he took just over $58,000. >> tia: well, coming up on cleveland 19 news, a recall to tell you about this noon.
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and the safety of their seat belts. >> brian: and more and more millenials are choosing to rent instead of buying a home. but they want a lot of extras in their apartments. we are getting answers about what exactly millenials want. >> tia: and we are going to collect donations for share your holidays all next week at several locations across northeast ohio. >> brian: monday we will be at the marc's on detroit road in avon from 4:00 until 6:30 p.m. you will have a chance to talk with laura
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>> trader joe's is recalling two hummus dips. bacavore foods is voluntarily recalling the mediterranean white bean and basil hum us. they may have been con tomorrow nated with listeria. it has a use by date of december 15. there have been no confirmed illnesses. >> brian: well, ford is mid-sized sedans mainly in north america because the front seat belts may not hold during a crash. so if you own a ford listen up. the recall covers certain 2013 to 2016 ford fusions, 2013 to 2015 lincoln m.k.z.s and 2015 to 2016 ford mandeo car. the mechanisms that tighten your seat belt when cars stop can actually heed causing the cables
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the recall is expected to begin january 16. >> tia: apple may use drones to make maps more accurate. bloomburg reports they will track construction work and other road changes more quickly than on-the-ground construction. some air bnb users may be limited at how often they can rent out their homes. they will limit users in london to 90 days of r 60 days in amsterdam. many american cities are pushing for similar restrictions and this is why. in tourist areas, short-term rentals can squeeze out locals making it more lucrative to rent to tourists than leasing to long-term residents. >> new hope for treating the kind of dementia that actor robin williams is said to have suffered with before taking his own life.
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treating the kind of dementia actor robin williams is said to have suffered with before he took his life. >> reporter: his hand tremors is part of why donald can no longer work on his beloved vintage corvettes. he was diagnoseed with louis body dementia three years ago. >> he has kept his sense of humor through the whole thing. >> his wife watched the disorder rob him of his >> it's devastating, really. >> what bothers you? >> i guess something is being robbed from me. >> something's being robbed from you. >> yeah. the rest of my life. >> don is now working with a neurologist who is testing a new drug, the first ever developed to treat louis body dementia. >> i'm really encouraged that a drug company is aware of this
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overlooked. this is an exciting first step. >> the experimental drug is designed to boost neurotransmitters, improve memory and reduce other symptoms. >> hopefully there will be a breakthrough which is wishful thinking but you never know. you never know. >> he remembers enough to be emotional about his condition and while hopeful for the drug, don doesn't know if he's getting it or a placebo. >> maybe if it doesn't make a difference for us down the road it would make a difference for >> the couple says for now, they live every day the best they can. >> brian: well this drug trial is taking place at 30 separate sites around the country. louis body dementia affects about a million and a half people ma making it the second t common type of dementia after alzheimer's. >> tia: being part of a community group could protect your mind as you age. people who were members of a
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watch were more likely to have better cognitive function at age 50. previous research has found strong social networks are associated with reduced levels of stress and isolation. >> samantha: all right, it is 12:17 on this friday last day. week. we are almost to the weekend. we are so close, but not a lot of sunshine out and even some snow showers mixing with rain on the east side of cleveland in northern geauga out toward lake county, ashtabula. they move move into southern geauga and southern ashtabula northern trumbull county. these are all areas where we could see a little light wintry precipitation this afternoon. but again, it's very light. shouldn't cause you any problems. just maybe a shock to the system, right? it was very warm earlier this week and as soon as we flipped
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the rest of the afternoon looks like this. cloudy skies, windy from time to time. winds may be sustained upwards of 20 miles an hour. when we hit about 42 at 3:00, it's probably going to feel more like 35 and a brief wintry mix mainly out east. tonight there's a chance some of that could slip further to the west so if you are in cleveland or lorain county, medina county, even northern summit might see a little wintry mix overnight. cloudy skies and we would be in the mid 30s this evening. very, very chilly. when you factor in the wind it's even colder. probably upper 20s and lower 30s overnight. so christmas parties or anything you have planned for tonight, you will definitely be wearing something warm. right? time now 18 after. want to look toward the weekend. tomorrow's forecast, think most of us are going to be just fine.
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is today. but there is a chance that those of you east of cleveland in the primary and secondary snowbelts could see some hit-or-miss wintry mix. so i did keep that chance in there for tomorrow running at about 30% and there might even be light accumulation between now and saturday. or really through right now and saturday. i would say no more than an inch for us. especially those of you out east. that's where we have the best chance of seeing anything stick. big weather come on sunday and guys, that's why i issued a weather alert for sunday. i think we will start off dry in the morning, so, your morning worship services will be just fine. but later in the day, like 2:00 p.m. on into the evening, there may be a little wintry mix moving in. that's something to watch out for if you will be doing maybe any holiday shopping later in the day, something like that, we don't have a browns game, right? so we don't have to sit inside and cry.
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sunday. >> tia: why would we cry? >> samantha: because it's rough to watch. monday we get a break and then rain on tuesday. >> brian: all right. well -- >> tia: maybe they will rest up and be better next time. >> brian: they are going to win a game. listen. they are going to win at least one. i hope. >> tia: fingers crossed. >> brian: all right. 'tis the season to remind you to water your real christmas tree. it only takes a minute for a crispy christmas tree to top off a raging inferno. took only 63 seconds for the entire r the national fire protection association says christmas trees cause an average of 210 house fires a year between '09 and 2013, those fires killed seven people, injured 19, caused nearly $18 million in damage. >> tia: with home prices rising, many millenials are choosing to hold off buying a home in favor of renting but they went a building with lots of extras and landlords are paying attention.
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move into this new york city rental had more to do with what's outside the apartment. amenities include a pool, fitness center, basketball court, and outdoor spaces. but what really sold her was the on-site doggie day care center. >> it gave me the flexibility to work a lot and still have the dog and have her be taken care of when i am not here. >> millenials are leading the charge to rent rather than buy. in 2014, almost 72% of them decided to rent. this building is owned by the company related and was constructed with young adults in mind. >> in here we have our billiards room which is open all day for our residents. >> the executive says millenials put a premium on lifestyle. >> it's not just about the apartment home finishes, it's about the community amenities and social connectivity. >> residents can even go from practicing their swing on this
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mac-bar, all without leaving the building. while the lure is appealing, many millenials don't want to rent forever. a lot of them do want to buy a home but there are a bunch of hurdles they are facing. they are oftentimes having a hard time getting qualified for a more grand jury or even saving for a down payment. renting gives them flexibility. >> reporter: she enjoys that flexibility. >> once i know my long-term plan, i can think about buying, but it's also veryen happy to keep renting. >> tia: as a result of increased demand, average rents have risen more than 20% in the top 50 housing markets nationwide since 2006. >> brian: it's the way of the future, seems like. people are moving back in the cities instead of away. all right. we will be right would you say no to a lot more money? [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks. nice balloons, though! or no to more vacation days?
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>> brian: pickles. you like pickles? >> tia: no. >> brian: you either love them or hate them. >> tia: i'm on the hate side. but this baby can't remember. he puts the pickle right in his mouth and screws up his face. looking at his laughing parents, he turns it over and tries again and again. he tried it at least seven times. i think he might like it love it, love it like -- i don't know. >> samantha: he kept going back for more. >> brian: i'm not quite sure.
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he kept doing it. i don't know. >> tia: adore able. >> samantha: that was cute. let's start off with the radar before. >> brian: adorbs. >> samantha: adorbs. this is very, very light stuff. it will be the trend into the afternoon. wintry mix out east. tomorrow, sunday, we all get in on a mix of rain and snow late in the day. cold all weekend, too. but guys, look at the end of the seven-day. we didn't get to talk about this earlier. 33 on thursday with maybe some >> tia: no, no, no. >> brian: you of course and everyone else will be keeping your eye on that. >> samantha: we will. it's that time of the year. >> tia: thank you so much for joining us. the young and the restless is coming up next. >> brian: join us for cleveland 19 news at 4:00. >> if you were at the lighting ceremony on public square, you had to love the look of the renovated square fresh off of $50 million facelift.
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the square, and the r.t.a. as you know by now, mayor frank jackson has decided the square should be off limits to r.t.a. buses. some city council members aren't so sure. so now, there are meetings, rallies, maybe even lawsuits planned. a lot of discussion. discussion that should have happened before they built a roadway through the square. a roadway dedicated to bus travel. the r.t.a. claims the closure will cost the transit system millions and put an unnecessary burden on its passengers and of course if the square does pay for those changes? we also might hear from the federal transit authority which now has to decide if the bus ban violates the terms of its agreement which bankrolled the help line on euclid avenue. this editorial lasts about a minute which is about a minute longer than the time spent getting public input on a situation that impacts a lot of people. so the questions will just keep coming. around here, we are all about getting answers. maybe this time, everyone should have been getting answers before
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this editorial. e-mail your response to
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>> nick: all right. christian is down for his nap, which means i am all yours, beautiful. what do you want to do? you want to play some games? we could, uh, do a little, i don't know, father-daughter mani-pedi. what do you want? >> faith: you didn't tell me evhi court. >> nick: why would you say that? >> faith: gc buzz. mom and dylan can't be around christian or they could get arrested. it's because you think they'd steal him? >> dylan: we walk into the courtroom, try to get visitation of a kid that we love, and i know that he loves us, and we walk out unable to be within 500 feet of him. >> paul: granted, it's not what anyone expected. but that is before we all heard what happened at chelsea's


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